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Marketing and Social Media Trends in 2018

2018 is halfway gone, and consumers have lost faith in big business, grown tired of the oversaturation of branded media, and remain somewhat elusive to artificial intelligence strategies.

Keeping in touch with trends in marketing and social media is more vital than ever to plan your own branding strategies. There is no point investing time and money in a marketing project that has little return – or risking alienating your clientele.

Faith Lost

Having been burned by fake-news one too many times, consumers are turning away from mainstream media as their main influencers in what to buy – or who to buy from. Celebrity endorsements are out and word-of-mouth referrals from their peers and micro-influencers are in.

These influencers are seen to be more authentic and realistic to their ‘macro’ counterparts and are often more relatable to their followings.

So what does this mean for your business strategy? The key to regaining this lost faith is all in the selection of your influencers and your approach. We suggest that you shy away from the typical hard sell, and create beautiful content with a simple call to action. It’s about the relationships that you build with not only the influencer you have partnered with, but your customers.

Transparency and authenticity are what matters to consumers in 2018. The cost of living is rising, and people are more frugal with their hard-earned money than ever.

Brand Fatigue

Marketing is everywhere you look and listen, and innovators are developing tools and platforms for businesses to reach new audiences all the time. While all this innovation is good for progress, consumers are tired of the oversaturation in all forms of media they consume – to the point where they may develop negative feelings towards a brand they see too much advertising for.

Marketing teams need to carefully consider their target audience and how best to reach them. Using every marketing platform available and oversaturating media, when consumers are already bombarded by a thousand other businesses doing the same, will turn away more consumers than it earns.

People are seeking authentic content that they can relate too as well. This makes it harder for brands to create ‘ad’ content that actually works. Viewers don’t want their feeds full of sponsored fake content, they are seeking fresh, fun, and unique content that is worth their time. We suggest designing content that will both blend and benefit the viewer.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be incredibly useful, but don’t discount human analysis quite yet. AI still has a ways to develop, but it is becoming incredibly popular with businesses to personalise the experiences of their customers.

Whether or not this new dependence on AI to create a customer experience and develop marketing strategies is a good thing or not is still up in the air. This is a trend to follow closely.

Traditional TV

Traditional TV advertisements don’t have as much impact as they once did. Social TV is more popular than ever, with Cisco predicting that by 2019 80% of global internet traffic will be video content. Just recently, Instagram launched “ Instagram TV IGTV”, which allows you to post 10-minute videos for all your followers to watch.

This trend is visible in how the gaming industry approaches marketing with Twitch Streamers and YouTubers. Rather than running multiple paid commercials, companies like Ubisoft will approach micro-influencers and larger scale Streamers for free exposure – in return, they get exclusive videos that they can earn revenue from as their audience consumes the videos.

Social TV popularity is on the rise and is predicted to keep on flying high.

From watching these trends, it is evident that it is more important than ever to ensure that your site is mobile optimised too! If you are a little unsure on what mobile optimisation is we can help you out! Send us an enquiry at info@brokat.studio!

About the author: Jade Chapple

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