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Content is King: How to Make Content Royally Good

Content is not to be underrated! Outside graphics and images, which can only tell the customer so much, content is what can make or break a marketing campaign. Quality content feeds critical information to consumers with slick, creative precision, and can be the deciding factor in their decision to stick with you or go somewhere else.

Basically, quality content helps the customer make a connection to your business.

Be it your weekly eDM, Twitter feed, or your website, it is vital that you carefully cultivate the content associated with your business’s name.



The Power of Content

Content, especially with social media, is incredibly shareable. Content that speaks to customers, not at them, and is funny, informative, and relatable, is a powerful advertising force.

Now more than ever, with how easily things can go viral,  content needs to be quality so that it can spark the connection between your business and the consumer.

Blog content and social media have a huge benefit of being mobile and shareable. People are always on their phones, so why not take advantage of that? Bored people waiting for the train, on their lunch break, or whittling away a slow afternoon will chew through good content that interests them for hours.

Content doesn’t just have to be a dry spiel covering who you are and what your business does. Content can tell a story, be funny, and relate the important bits about your business all at the same time.

But how much content is too much?

Let’s clear things up right away: it is the quality of the content that matters, not the quantity. Bombarding your sign-up lists with an eDM every other day will achieve little but annoying people and clogging up their inboxes.

Targeted content that is designed with a specific approach or purpose is what makes quality content actually quality. Jumping on the latest meme will get a few laughs with younger audiences on Facebook, but if your business doesn’t cater to Millennials or Gen Z it is a near pointless effort – and may actually alienate any established or potential customers.

It is important to tailor your content to a brand goal or purpose. For example, if you want to reach basic brand awareness within a population, you can adopt a flooding approach with 5 – 7 postings of basic content a week (such as a few social media posts, a blog, and an eDM) until you have gathered the desired following.

Now, how about actual content creation?

Creating Content

Content creation happens in two main streams: content that you or a service you hire (like us!) create and distribute, and content that is generated by your audience.

Both of these methods are great, however, the second one costs you little and allows people to connect with your business. A recent and very successful example is the “Share a Coke” campaign, which was highly popular and shared across every social media platform there was by the excited populace. After launch, there was little Coke had to do asides promote their custom label services – the people took care of everything else.

However, the second method of content creation cannot exist without the first being firmly in place.

It is important to establish your brand with content that you, or a service, has created, and distribute it on your own channels. Once you have a following, or your branding firmly in place and a launch that can get you seen by a wide audience, you can implement campaigns that inspire user-generated content.

Sharing user-generated content on your own channels is also a great way to connect with your consumers – and keep your social media active without the creation of unique content.

Content is king, and making it royally good will get your business seen!

About the author: Carl Mayer

Carl is a developer and digital strategist with 15 years experience. Since starting in the industry he has had a keen interest in improving user experience across the web, which morphed into a passion of improving the user experience with brands as a whole.
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