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Learning Lessons with St. Rita’s College

Recently, Brokat was contacted by the Goethe-Institute, on behalf of St. Rita’s College, about a competition. This competition required the college to connect a student team with a German business, or an Australian business with a link to Germany – which we happen to be!

(If you weren’t already aware: Brokat’s founder is German, and we have many ties to German businesses and groups in Australia.)

To quote the Goethe-Institute directly, the Enterprise German competition “promotes the collaboration between schools and German companies”, and is all about fostering the creative spirit of students with professional projects.

A student team at St Rita’s College chose Brokat as their partner business, and so our adventure began.

The journey started with a virtual interview. Our director and business development manager sat down with the students and their teacher, and what followed was an evolving discussion about the story of Brokat. Our origins, our growth over the years, and what we do as a creative agency.

At the end of this interview, they asked us one final question: what will our project be?

See, the major component of this competition was to create a product or service for the partnered business. After chatting with the team, we gave them the task of creating a social calendar for us. Asides from saying that it would need to be catered to our audience, we gave them free rein over topics, images, and content.

The interview ended. We went our separate ways. A few weeks later, they came back with a month’s worth of posts.

This calendar was fantastic. We were genuinely impressed with the plan, as it showed that they had done proper research and attempted to match our visual style. Not only did the girls create a solid campaign advertising our strengths, but it also gave us a new perspective on ourselves as a business. Their insights, as native German-speakers and as students, gave us a different outlook on how we promote (or rather, don’t) ourselves as a bilingual agency.

We went into this project expecting to do some mentoring, but we ourselves learned valuable lessons.

Collaborating with St Rita’s College on this project has been a wonderful experience. We are thankful for the opportunity, and look forward to hearing the results of the competition!

Want to see the social calendar? Check out our Facebook and Instagram socials for July!

About the author: Jade Chapple

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