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What’s all the Interest in Pinterest?

Pinterest is much more than hairstyle trends, DIY tips and tricks, and cooking recipes. Pinterest is a social platform that can unlock your business’s online potential – especially since so many people use it.

But, just how would setting up a Pinterest account benefit your business? How would you go about curating content on this platform? How does Pinterest work? Just what is all this interest in Pinterest?

Let’s start with that last question.

What’s all the interest in Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform that people, aka your customers and potential customers, go to for inspiration! Instagram and Facebook can do the same, but not with the same ease and permanency as Pinterest – which is why curating a gallery (or a board, as Pinterest calls it) is a great way to grow your online presence and follower count.

When you create a board on Pinterest, you are essentially creating a mood board for a certain topic or aesthetic – kind of like curating a precise Instagram feed. You could create a board for how you want your brand to look, inspiration boards for projects, or lifestyles your business wants to promote.

How does Pinterest work?

Pinterest works in a way that allows you to save others’ content to your boards. The great thing about Pinterest is that the pinned images link back to outside sources; for example, if you were to pin an image used in a blog article published on your website, the image would link back to this article. Doing this can bring people to your business’s website, blog, or other social platforms without it appearing as a direct marketing effort – just be careful not to overdo it!

As for creating boards…when you create your Pinterest account, you can start building your boards straight away!

The great thing about curating boards, too, is that you can promote associates, suppliers, partners, and subsidies! Pinning or re-pinning images from their content is a wonderful way to support them and give them a bit of traction with your own following.

The biggest interest in Pinterest, though, is how easy it is to use.

Curating content on Pinterest

The thing about Pinterest is that curating a profile is super easy. Unlike maintaining a blog, you don’t have to upload new content all the time. Instead, you can pin an image from an older piece of content – which is a great way to cycle users back to old social media posts and blog posts. Like we said before, you can also pin images from your suppliers and associates.

Building your business’s Pinterest following will take time, just like with any other social platform. The more consistent you are with pinning compelling content and creating boards relevant to your audience’s interests, the more likely it is you will grow a loyal following.

Pinterest curation will depend on developing other content you can pin. For example, pinning your customers’ images both cycles their content and creates a relationship between your business and the customer. This is a fantastic cycle of engagement!

How will Pinterest benefit my business?

Asides growing your online presence, Pinterest is an easy way to expand your market reach without spending time or money on making new campaigns. Instead, you link back to previously published content and recycle it.

A well-curated Pinterest can also be a great way to launch new products and revitalise interest in old ones – there is a lot more buying power in Pinterest than you might think.

At the end of the day, Pinterest is a great way to expand your business’s social media presence without having to add a whole lot of work to your already busy schedule. There is power in the Pin, and don’t underestimate what you can achieve on this trendy platform.

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