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Why Marketing Agencies are Your Secret Weapon for Success

Marketing agencies are incredible assets for any business. A secret weapon, if you will, to finding success. In today’s article, we’re going to explore just why that is.

A marketing agency is a team of experts that focus on one major thing: getting your business in front of its audience. Connecting with a marketing agency that knows what they’re doing (like us!) is a smart move for any business. Why? Because in an increasingly digital world, marketing is vital.

Marketing creates awareness and keeps your business relevant in your customers’ eyes. The keys for building a successful business are these very things. That said, let’s get into why marketing agencies are your secret weapon for success.

Experts on Call

As you might expect, marketing is kind of our speciality. Our team has, combined, over 30+ years in the industry. That’s a lot of experience, and that expertise is only an email or phone call away for our clients. The same goes for any established marketing agency.

Here’s a bit of perspective for you: if your car needed repair work, you would seek out a mechanic. Of course, you could attempt the repairs yourself, but it would take you far longer to complete the task than it would a trained mechanic. Your own repairs may also be faulty, or even cause the problem to worsen.

What we’re getting at is that the knowledge and experience of a marketing agency are invaluable. They know how to create, deploy, and analyse campaigns, assets, and everything else marketing-related.

TL;DR, contracting a marketing agency grants you access to experts that know what they’re doing.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support is one of the best things about committing to a single marketing agency. Signing up for ongoing support (also called a retainer) means that the agency dedicates a set number of hours to your business every week, fortnight, or month.

A retainer means that you have a permanent spot in the monthly workload instead of being scheduled into the queue. A retainer is your best friend if you are a business that has an active website, blog, or socials, or needs persistent marketing campaigns.

Ongoing support also builds a better relationship between both your business and the agency and the agency and your audience. A good agency will always perform audience research, but nothing compares to live data captured directly from your campaigns, socials, or website.

Basically, the more time you spend with the same agency, the more they come to know your audience and the more targeted your messaging becomes.


Full-service marketing agencies are those with a broad service offering, like us. We create websites and online stores, signage and all manner of print materials, social campaigns, content, and strategies. As of this year, we also source merchandise.

The benefit of a full-service agency is that all of your marketing needs are conveniently catered for in-house, removing the need for third parties. Design, strategy, asset creation, SEO, ads, and everything else are done in-house by a single team. That team, too, is collaborating, minimising room for miscommunications.

(Not all marketing agencies are full-service. Rather than doing everything, some agencies will narrow their service offering to a specific area, like e-commerce, whereas others will focus on more niche areas, like signage or email marketing. The type of agency you choose for your marketing is entirely up to you.)

Always Testing, Always Improving

Everyone knows how important it is to stay up to date with the latest in their industry, but in the marketing industry, it’s critical.

No matter if you have committed to an ongoing retainer or your job is a one-off, you benefit from a marketing agency’s dedication to testing and improving its methods.

Marketing is an ever-shifting industry, just like your audience’s needs, wants, and interests. A large portion of what agencies do is research to keep up to date with those changes. Agencies also love data. They will capture data from your campaign, socials, or website, analyse it, and use it to inform future marketing efforts.

Think about it this way: the success of a marketing campaign is influenced by how it is presented, who it targets and when it targets them, and the messaging itself. The data and knowledge driving those decisions come from persistent testing, upskilling, and years of expertise.

Marketing, It’s What We Do

Marketing agencies bring a wealth of knowledge, tools, and experience to the table. A good agency is an invaluable asset when it comes to getting your business talking to its audience.

The next time you are keen to talk marketing, get in touch with a marketing agency – they are your secret weapon to success.

Brokat is a full-service agency that is ready to take care of all your marketing needs! Get in touch with us here, or check out more of our articles here!

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