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I found a designer to create my dream brand identity, now what? 

Finding the right agency or designer can be daunting. There are hundreds of options to sift through, and each one demands investigation: Do they fit the right criteria? Are their reviews good? Do I like their work? Will it be affordable for me? How much input will I have?

For the sake of this article, let’s say that you’ve already gone through that process – you’ve found your perfect designer. Yay! They’re ready to hit the ground running. You’re thrilled to see the branding process begin. Now the question is: what happens next?

Here are five tips to help you move smoothly from finding a designer to working with them.

Information is critical

When starting a relationship with a designer, the most important attribute you want to consider is, is there enough information about my brand? If you’re a company with limited online information, help us create an understanding of who you are. I love to follow the 5 Ws: Who, What, Where, Why, and hoW.

For example;

  • Who: We are two single mums trying to support other single parents.
  • What (do we do): Have an app that connects single parents.
  • Where: WFH.
  • Why: We want to reintroduce the phrase ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and help support parents who struggle and need emotional support.
  • How: We created an interactive app that connects people in the same cities or towns together.

You can be as detailed or brief as you choose when describing your brand – but the more detailed you are, the better! Just help us create an understanding of you.

Moodboards go a long way

You may use moodboards for party ideas or interior design inspo, but moodboards also serve a big purpose when designing a brand identity. Designers have been creating moodboards for years – even before Pinterest made it popular.

Moodboards help both the client and designer be on the same page visually. Moodboards can consist of fonts, colours, logos, and websites you love and want to emulate within your brand. Pinterest and Behance are both great sources of inspiration, or you can go the old-fashioned way and snip up magazines.

Communication is key to any relationship

Especially the ones we have with our clients!

Keeping an open flow of communication can help us achieve the best possible outcome. Designers want to bring your brand to life in a way that you love, but that can only be achieved with open communication.

And remember, no one likes being ghosted.

Honest feedback is the best feedback

When it comes to creating brands, we have worked with all personality types. No matter if you are a people pleaser or a take-charge leader, we value HONESTY when it comes to feedback. When something isn’t working, shout it out. Maybe the red is too red, or the font is too harsh. Whatever it is, we’re happy to hear your feedback. We’d hate to send you home with something that you think is 70% your dream brand identity.

Understand that good things take time

Picture the months you have taken to create your business – all the planning, research, funding sourcing, and product development. Now try to compress all those thoughts, dreams, visions, and goals into a single visual identity – most of the time, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Designing your brand will take time. Developing a brand – new or old and needing a refresh – is an involved, exploratory process. Not to mention the back and forth between the designer and yourself. Try to be patient and enjoy and trust in this process – most designers will want to work with you to create a brand you love 100%.


These five tips are a great way to transition from finding your perfect designer to working with them to bring your brand to life.

Interested in building your brand identity? Contact us at Brokat Studio, where we can help you with all your branding and marketing needs.

About the author: Scarlett Palmer

A passion for anything visual makes her an asset in any situation, and when not criticising other designs, she can be found drinking a Negroni or scavenging for vinyl.
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