we are: dreaming still.

Brokat began as all things do: as a dream.

This dream was to change the tune, to redefine the world’s understanding of what a creative agency and marketing could be. Our founding came from this desire. Since those early days, we have grown into a collection of quirky, fun-loving individuals that strive to create and innovate.

We are an agency that aims to always design authentic, engaging content and campaigns that put your brand in the spotlight. Leveraging the experience and knowledge of our team, we hand-craft collateral that is guided by your vision for your business. All of this we do with a passion to see your brand succeed.

We love what we do, and we hope that you love it too.

we are: unique.

They say that two heads are better than one. At Brokat, we believe that six heads and twelve hands are as good as it gets. Meet the people that make us, us.

ron pennekamp


As our resident German, Ron is determined to keep the office in a good supply of coffee and Tim Tams.

tara whyley


A lover of cob loaf, copious amounts of cheese, rosé and Netflix - specifically Money Heist, Yellowstone, and classics like Greys Anatomy.

carl mayer


Outside of work, you might find Carl out eating bbq ribs and checking out gigs.

jade chapple


If you are ready to binge-watch the latest Netflix comedy or kick back with some videogames, she's your girl.

isabella dannecker


Growing up part Swiss and Italian, she was taught two things: passion and food.

katja smitz


Katja is a Business Development Manager with many talents and a penchant for emails and exploring new opportunities for Brokat.

michelle purkhart


Always ready to discuss her advocacy for naming Choc Chip Cookie Dough the best Ben n’ Jerry’s ice cream flavour.

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