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Brokat Studio is moving hosting over to a new server. We aim to make this transition as seamless as possible. In order to do so we will require that you point the A record for your domain to the following IP address:

[Please see email]

The previous server will remain up for the next 2 weeks and will be cleared on Monday 19th of June (19/06/23). Please ensure you have pointed the A record for your domain to the new server by this date.

The new hosting environment we are moving to will provide the following benefits:

  • Faster Speeds
    Utilising NGINX Direct Delivery
  • Better Performance and Security
    Free national and Global CDN for eligible accounts
  • Daily Backups
    Single click full backups created daily

Why the move?

After hosting with a number of Australian based and internationally based hosts over the last 5 years, the landscape has changed in terms of server location, support, speed and reliability. The current hosting environment was good originally however the service has dropped significantly.

On the plus side we have made the move to much better service.

Wasn’t there a recent move?

Yes, the move was within the same hosting provider but to a new server. The move to this server hasn’t really improved services or applications to the standard we would like.

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