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we are: custom.

These are the services we offer.



Our design services cover the creation of branded and unique collateral, including company profiles, advertising, printed media, business cards, wireframes, EDMs, and social media graphics.

Brokat’s design department specialises in creating visuals that pair with your brand’s personality.



Every strategy we create for digital and physical marketing is tailored to your brand’s purpose and your personal goals for the business. Brokat crafts a strategy that takes into account your position in the market, your budget, and your location.

Our strategy services are informed by up-to-date industry knowledge and the Brand Discovery Workshop we conduct as a part of your branding campaign.



We adapt to every shift in the market to ensure that your strategy is flexible and your social media accounts remain engaging. In order to strengthen your business’s online presence, Brokat’s design and copy divisions create content that makes your brand stand out from the competition.

Brokat tracks ROI and maintains a close analysis of your brand’s social and online performances.



Our web services include the creation of websites that are digitally optimised, intelligent, and engaging. Brokat will design and develop for you a website that is responsive to multiple platforms, has clean UX, and embodies your business’s personality.

We also specialise in eCommerce integrations and building Shopify stores.



We create brands and provide a full suite of services for brand refresh campaigns. Through conducting a Brand Discovery Workshop, Brokat will unveil the visual identity, voice, and goals of your business before moving into the design and content creation stages.

All of our branding campaigns are built with unique collateral.



We can assist in planning events of all kinds, from fundraisers to birthday events to launch parties.

Brokat will deliver to you a proposal made up of a campaign, media, and creative strategy, incorporating all the key details, such as themes, entertainment, advertising, collateral, ticketing systems, and catering.

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