we are: quirky.

The people of Brokat are a collective of hand-picked creatives, designers, web gurus, and wordsmiths.



As our resident German, Ron is determined to keep the office in a good supply of coffee and Tim Tams. An avid collector of knowledge and fluent in a handful of languages, he is able to spin a conversation in any direction at the drop of a hat. 22+ years in the industry has made this German man a bona fide marketing master. There is nothing he enjoys more than Nutella and warm, Summer afternoons.



Carl is a nerd at heart. With an early love for his Super Nintendo and video game arcades, he discovered a skill for pressing buttons and resilience to keep trying no matter how many times his brother whooped his butt. In the office Carl wears two hats. One: Website Development and the other Digital Strategy. With 13 years industry experience Carl combines the technical understanding of website development, with the analytical reasoning of digital marketing strategies to produce work that is the culmination of “both sides of the coin” thinking. Outside of work, you might find Carl out eating bbq ribs and checking out gigs.



Brooke, better known as “The Babbling Brooke”, is a bigger-than-life creative. This adorkable big kid’s appetite for destruction is only matched by that of her cat, Louie. A one-woman, random-fact quoting machine, Brooke is easily amused by anything shiny. When she’s not designing, you can find her at a music gig, at home watching a horror movie, or planning the end of the world with her cat.



Claire has never met a dog she wouldn’t pat and has almost been hit by cars trying. Advertising student and bona fide Office fan, she is just starting out in the industry. This wide and starry-eyed gal will always check her horoscopes in a time of need or on her lunch break but, doesn’t believe a word. Always one searching for a great coffee and dreaming of seeing every inch of the world. Like the second cheapest red wine on the menu, she will only get better with age.



Maryam (pronounced like hairy-ham) is a graphic designer as well as a dog enthusiast, a bit of a geek, and an old soul with a penchant for cheese platters, puns, and spicy food. When she’s not designing or singing out loud, she’s either thinking about what to have for lunch or laughing at her own jokes. Her passions include branding, packaging, print design, and copywriting, where the process is as exciting to her as the end product. Her dream? In the famous words of American graphic designer Aaron Draplin, to “Do good work for good people.”



Jade is fond of daydreaming about writing the next great Australian novel but never actually writing it, eating excessive amounts of sushi, and quoting Pride and Prejudice (2005) line for line. Avid supporter of the Oxford Comma and loving what you do, she is a wordsmith, creative, and artist that loves to tell a story. If you are ready to binge-watch the latest Netflix comedy or kick back with some videogames, she’s your girl.

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