we are: more unique.

Brokat Studio wouldn’t be the succesful studio it is without the people! Meet our team of misfit creators, designers, web guru and word smiths.



If you're ever in need of good German chat... Ron is NOT the man for you. Strawberry mojitos and stationery make this “I have 5 drivers licenses and speak 4 languages” man weak at the knees. Our office is never in short supply of questionable banter and Tim Tams with Ron around and while he's originally from the exquisite streets of Berlin, Ron swears against lederhosen (but we all know he secretly stows pair away for Oktoberfest). Despite Rons' 22 years in the industry, he is in fact only 10 years old - if only youthful looks were a bonus when you're born on a leap year (Ron keeps dreaming).



Carl’s mission in life is to find the best ribs in South East Queensland. Digital guru by day, chocolate and pug enthusiast #ALWAYS. Carl is that one guy who will randomly quote slightly obscure movie lines to see if anyone will pick up on them. A ‘self-confessed’ hazelnut addict and all round cool guy, Carl is Brokat’s nominated office DJ and singing sensation. Word of caution however, don’t ask Carl what he thinks about Sir Mix A Lot, or anyone else who attempts to sing Baby Got Back for that matter.



Brooke, or better know as "the Babbling Brooke" (literally everyone is calling her that) is our bigger-than-life creative. Our adorkable big kid's appetite for destruction is only matched by her cat, Louie. A one-woman random-fact quoting machine, Brooke is easily amused by anything shiny. Born in Canberra (a joke in itself), her favourite dessert is a good old-fashioned brownie! When she’s not designing, you can find her at a music gig, at home watching a horror movie, or planning the end of the world with her cat.



Claire has never met a dog she wouldn’t pat and has almost been hit by cars trying. Advertising student and bonified Office fan, she is just starting out in the industry. This wide and stare eyed gal will always check her horoscopes in a time of need or on her lunch break but, doesn’t believe a word. Always one searching for a great coffee and dreaming of seeing every inch of the world. Like the second cheapest red wine on the menu, she will only get better with age.



Maryam (pronounced like hairy-ham), is a graphic designer, as well as, a dog enthusiast, a bit of a geek, and an old soul with a penchant for cheese platters, puns and spicy food. When she’s not designing or singing out-loud, she’s either thinking about what to have for lunch or laughing at her own jokes. Her passions include branding, packaging, print design and copywriting, where the process is as exciting to her as the end product. Her dream? In the famous words of American graphic designer Aaron Draplin, to “Do good work for good people.”



Jade is fond of daydreaming about writing the next great Australian novel but never actually writing it, eating excessive amounts of sushi, and quoting Pride and Prejudice (2005) line for line. Avid supporter of the Oxford Comma and loving what you do, she is a wordsmith, creative, and artist that loves to tell a story. If you are ready to binge-watch the latest Netflix comedy or kick back with some videogames, she’s your girl.

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